Tuesday, February 16, 2010

very nice review!

Thanks to Katherine Cole for the very nice review - from her recent bind tasting ... get your 'cow' now it's going fast!

2008 Big Table Farm Resonance Vineyard Yamhill-Carlton District Pinot Noir ($45): Sur lie aging and a careful combination of new and used oak make this splurge wine a delight for the senses, with a silky texture and lightly spiced baked fruit flavors. Josephine the cow, a resident of Big Table Farm, gets a star turn on the keepsake-worthy label. Find it at Cork a Bottle Shop Alberta and Lovejoy, and Storyteller Wine Co.

Below from today's work in the studio this one is called 'limoncello' - it's official I will be having a show in Carlton in April! : ) more on that soon!!


carver family said...

Clare, your painting is really exciting! first the bottle captured me ,then the turn of the stripes on the cloth and then the
familiar lemon indicator. Thank you
for sharing another window to BTF

carver family said...

Congratulations, BTF-Brian! Your masterful creativity resonates AGAIN

Clare, your new painting instantly excites; through the bottle,across
the turn in the stripes and the fruit bowl to the familiar dark spot on the lemon and back to the
fruit- and AGAIN for more pleasure!

Thank you both for the window on your life.

Greg said...

Definitely post when and where your show is going to be!