Tuesday, February 2, 2010

eggs in another form

After moving the chickens on Sunday we enjoyed the fruits of our labor Brian made his amazing eggs Benedict which were paired with bloody Mary's : ) ummm - good man -

and today's painting... featuring what else my eggs : )


noble pig said...

Okay, beautiful and full of simplicity!

Clare Carver said...

thanks NP : ) c

Cecelia (CC) said...

I love your work...I mean...play!

Cecelia (CC) said...

How do you get a Ball jar to look like glass? wow.

Anonymous said...

I love that tablecloth, Clare. Everything else, too - but that tablecloth is perfect.

Celia said...

Me again. I keep coming back to look at that jar. It brings to mind one of my favorite poems.

I placed a jar in Tennessee,
And round it was, upon a hill.
It made the slovenly wilderness
Surround that hill.

The wilderness rose up to it,
And sprawled around, no longer wild.
The jar was round upon the ground
And tall and of a port in air.

It took dominion every where.
The jar was gray and bare.
It did not give of bird or bush,
Like nothing else in Tennessee.

Wallace Stevens..

PS: Kind of like the quarter jar?

PPS: Will Brian make me breakfast??

kab said...

Gorgeous…both the eggs and the artwork you made from it! Thanks so much for the "special delivery," too!

Anonymous said...

Wowsers that's a heck of a lot of rain fer ya! LOVE LOVE your painting - the whole thing!; although Brian's Eggs Benedict do look awfully tempting - yum yum! xox bee

Anonymous said...

Whoa that is a LOT of rain! yeeps, but I dig the temps! LOVE LOVE your painting - it's so full of color and depth - heck it's 3-D! However, Brian's Eggs Benedict look especially tasty! Bet that was an awesome meal xoxo bee

Clare Carver said...

yeah that Brian is pretty darn sweet : )

colette said...

How can girls like us keep any form of a figure with such cooks at home ?? I am hoping the tent comes into style soon- or at least housecoats can make a come back for my sake. xo colettey