Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Big PIg Day

Today I am grateful to Mrs. Bacon , Joleen and Honey who had there last day today - All went perfectly - clean and fast ... Thanks to those who support this endeavor by putting these fine girls on their tables! Human, good, clean, fair food ... It's worth it!

We finished with an impromptu lunch of a farm omelet, sorrel and other yummies out of the garden, our eggs and Marty's prosciutto from last years pig! Thanks for sharing Matt - Maggie also joined us at the end when she came to pick up her half! Great to see you Maggie! And this is Richard enjoying the cows when he and Charleen came to fetch the other half of honey!

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Anonymous said...

Love your posts, your writing, your photos, your philosophy - still trying to grow up about the food I eat and how it gets to my plate. You have widened my world so much - thank you!