Tuesday, December 8, 2009

home at last

I got home late last night and am so glad to be home !! had a nice dinner made by brian and then curled up in front on the wood stove with the dog... It was a good trip and the wine adventure continues have some funny tasting stories about taking wine around to restaurants what a roller coaster ride that is... more on that when I get a moment to write -

I love my birthday present from Brian !!

what I don't love so much is the fact that is 7 count 'em 7 degrees this morning when we woke up! BURRRRR


Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful plow. Happy belated birthday, Clare. Boy, that plow has great lines.

Celia said...

that's just toooo cccco-o-old.


Anonymous said...

It was -14 at the fort collins Marcy's house. yuck