Wednesday, June 4, 2008

pigs on pasture round 3

So Peter, Paul and Marcy are growing fast and the mobile pig house aka the "winnapigo" is working great for them another brian marcy design what can I say : ) ... we moved their pasture the other day which is great but whew what a project!! let me tell you moving pigs is NOT as easy as moving goats pigs are skittish and kind of big babies despite their size and strength... you have to push coax and cajole and there is no bulling them or they run the other way... I need to find a really tasty treat for the next time we move them.. I tried fresh eggs which is what they seem to love best but moving out of their last pasture to the fresh one made them so nervous that no amount of fresh eggs seemed to get them to move onto the new grass.. so long story short we eventually got them to come over to the new location and hang around the winnapigo.

I'm really hoping the next time we move them is way easier....

Just so happened that the day when we moved the pigs Brian had gone into the winery and done our final blend for the Laughing Pig Rose (which we will bottle this weekend) ... and had brought home our final blend so it seemed appropriate that we sit there with the pigs and bask in our completed farm work the pigs and our wine..

I'm very excited about this rose it's delicious! It's made from a super vineyard up here and is made from pinot noir grapes. This last vintage (07) many winery's made rose as a byproduct of making the '07 pinots using a process called saigner (French for "to bleed").. Our rose unlike most of the rose on the market right now was deliberately made to be rose from the beginning.... this wine was the only product from these grapes. The wine was fermented briefly on the skins and then pressed off and barrel fermented and aged sur lie until bottling.

(we will be releasing it soon and you bet I will post about it.. and gasp hopefully get it up on the big table farm web site)

On a horsey note Chief went to his new owner yesterday it was hard to be sad he loves his new owner and she is over the moon for him.. he's going to be spoiled to death and treated like a king. The new owner had this amazing love at first sight with him and I have to say I think the feeling was mutual... it was kind of like breaking up with somebody to find they found someone new the very next day kind of hard to feel bad for them... This is his new home.


Anonymous said...

Hooray for Chief! I know you are sad, but also happy for King Chief! So are you taking advance orders for your Laughing Pig Rose? I would stand in line for that wine; may I? Finally, I seem to recall that bulls aren't the only creatures with rings in their noses - just sayin'.
Hugs, Lois

Clare Carver said...

you are right about ringing a pig's noses we may do that to the next ones I recently looked at all the ring options - with them bing abotu 150# now I just don't want to do it at this point to a bigger pig to hard for me and too painful for them... but the next young ones I may...