Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pig in a bottle!! and new animals on the farm

Pig in a bottle !! Well one down one to go we got the rose bottled and labeled.

VERY SPECIAL Thanks to Matt, Angie, Johanna, Eric and Joseph
for giving up a beautiful Saturday to help us bottle (yes by hand al la clare and brian style) our rose. It was a fun day - a bit long - but we got every last bottle corked foiled an labeled... !!! yippee!!! our first one finished!! - Big Love and Big thanks from Big Table -

hey how many glasses have you had angie... you sure those labels are straight!!

this was clearly "serious" business : )

Big table - Big bootie : )

I'm not going to guess what was going through matt's head as he foiled...

as you can see from this photo one of the volunteer requirements was to be stunning : )

we did enjoy a nice lunch break and celebrated the rose and Johanna b-day : )

Angie labels the LAST ONE!!!

(info on the wine : )

We are excited about this this rose it's delicious! It's made from a super vineyard up here and is made from pinot noir grapes. This last vintage (07) many winery's made rose as a byproduct of making the '07 pinots using a process called saigner (French for "to bleed").. Our rose unlike most of the rose on the market right now was deliberately made to be rose from the beginning.... this wine was the only product from these grapes. The wine was fermented briefly on the skins and then pressed off and barrel fermented and aged sur lie until bottling (by hand).


And not to be out done... the girls arrived Saturday evening a few hours after the last label got stuck on...

introducing Haley and Jem ...

These girls are from Moo'n river Farms Moon River has been raising Dexter cows for about 15 years and is doing all grass feed and finished beef. The Dexters are a small breed that that is more of a "traditional" cow in size - cows are 0nly in the last 50 years bread to the size we see now they are much bigger now so that they are efficient in feed lots being feed grain not grass...

news flash - cows are rumens they are supposed to eat GRASS hence the multiple stomachs .. if you feed them grain they get sick and will die so you have to give them antibiotics till they get slaughtered... it's not good for the cows and it's not good for us!!! corn feed cows are fattier and sicker! I could go on and on about omega 3's in grass feed animals but I'll save it... ok enough preaching... if you want to know more I'll happily send you a summer must -read list... : )

These girls will not be dinner they are the start of our herd they will be our mamas (aka breeding stock) we do have one more baby cow coming as soon as she is weened in August she will be our first beef cow.. Haley and Jem will be bred in the late spring of next year when they are fully grown...


Anonymous said...

The girls are beautiful, Clare. Cows always look so peaceful - I hope yours enjoy their lives. The Girls here are now enjoying the Poulet Palais; I'll send your pics when I get a chance. So again, how does one purchase your rose? Do you have a website where one could actually order it?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I didn't see your site after the grass until tonight, so Louis is someone else who wants to purchase your wine! But I do too!
Sorry to sound so snarky in the previous post tonight. 8-)
Hugs a plenty!
Lois Q

Anonymous said...

hey! I don't post comments a lot but read your blog faithfully!
We want some rose, how do we get it???

Anonymous said...

Hey Clare,
I've been waiting to see the cows since we talked about them. They're really super-cute. It looks so peaceful there. I've got to plan another day to come out and play with the pigs, meet the cows, and ride Hummer!