Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy 2007 ... Last years resolution!

Last year I made a resolution to walk up the hill at my place and put a quarter in a jar towards a new pair of jeans and a firmer butt... (see old post)

the goal was - $75 (300 walks up the hill)

(for those who have come to visit this DOES NOT include walking up to feed and or visit the goats I could have made more money that way: )

So I didn't quite make the goal but I brought the jar down today and counted $50.25 (201 walks up the hill) but I did have about 2 months off due to broken arms ... So although I'd like to be in a size smaller than I am. I'm pretty happy for at least not quitting. Now the challenge is to do something similar but different for this coming year.. do I put in more money? do I just try to make the goal I originally set out? do I say if I can run up the hill I get to put in a dollar??? humm the possibilities are endless... any suggestions???


angwin friends said...

i vote for running (or a faster walk than before) and putting a dollar in the jar. i think you should feel really good for what you did earn. john and i just returned from 3 weeks in sf on our boat. i got a call from brian recently and will return the call and give you my email address. i enjoyed all your photos and hearing about your holidays. i guess we had snow here while we were in sf. genna had the first born for 08 in napa county. don't know his name yet. you may know tho. all is well with us and glad that everyone is healthy and happy up there. we miss you guys....

Steve Griffiths said...

Carry two gallons of water up the hill, Jill.