Thursday, February 22, 2007

signs of spring and the start of the water tale

Brian and I went out after lunch today and planed out the start of our "Orchard" we bought 15 bare root fruit trees this past weekend at a tree sale we got the trees for $10 a piece which was an amazing deal as they are decent size... so we are excited we got multiple varieties of apples, pears and cherries (we hope to get other types as well but that was all they had at the sale) we used an old apple tree at the starting point and measured out from there... I have the new trees soaking over night and hope to plant tomorrow... :) .. while I was out in the "orchard" with Brian I saw my first "sign of spring" a snow drop flower which is the "first spring flower" so that was fun... there are some other bulbs coming up too I'm excited to see what they are... look like daffodils and a few tulips..

In other news we had a state soil and water conservation guy come out yesterday to help us assess our "bountiful" supply of water. He just kept looked shocked and puzzled the entire time he was here which didn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling... our property has one and possibly two year round springs that are VERY active and about a 30 acre network of clay and metal pipe that seem to be loosely affiliated with not 1 not 2 but 5 (that we've found so far) cisterns in varying states of disrepair... it's a mess really .. the water guy just kept walking around going "wow ... hum mm wow" this is a lot of water!! yeah no S--t

So not exactly sure where we are going from here... but he's going to help us hopefully get in touch with other water gurus and maybe some engineers... it's sounding complex and EXPENSIVE!! but at the moment our property is VERY wet due to most of the clay pipes being broken and water coming up at will we do need to start to get it under control ... if one can control water that is... this has to happen before we can start reclaiming land for use as pasture, gardens etc... ... even driving a tractor on for clearing... so we've started and that's the first step and we just have to see where it goes from here.. I'm sure it will make for multiple blog entries and I will learn more than I ever thought about ... ditches, drains, ponds catch systems etc... more to come


chou-chou said...

maybe you could start your own organic/biodynamic bottled water company. you wouldn't run out of water. ;-)

Clare Carver said...

there would defiantly be plenty of water... : )