Sunday, August 23, 2015

around the farm and winery in august ...

It's been a busy 6 weeks since my last post... I'm sitting here in bed on a Sunday morning - YES sitting in bed- Brian and I have started taking one day off a week -- a day to do what ever we need and want to do with out others here on the farm... we still do 'work' on sunday's but we are just together. We turn to each other several times during our time on the farm on sundays and say 'hey!! there's no body here!"  

Summer is an amazing time of year - we love hosting and sharing all that happens here - but we have discovered we do need a recharge.... each day during the week and Saturday there is winery work, farm work, hosting wine tastings and working with the other members of the big table farm team - tiffany and jeff ... all this gets juggled every day... it's a very full day with about 10 different hats that get switched out very quickly at times. We are getting better and better at navigating how to do that... but re balancing on Sundays is part of making that work... : ) I feel like slapping my self on the forehead and saying well duhhh! ... but hey I'm a slow learner... so here I sit on sunday morning taking a little me time to share the farm in photos : ) thanks for coming along on the journey! It's been 9 years since we came to oregon on a wing and a prayer and what a ride it's been...

In wine news we bottled the 2014 vintage! Brian made some stunning wines in 2014 and we are both very excited about them - the photo above is a barrel that went into the Earth blend this is a new wine for us it's part of two new wines Earth and the Elusive Queen - a tiny production high end pinot and a chardonnay ... we are very excited about these wines there will be more about them when it's time to release them next year! 

 We also did a boatload of hand bottling of all the large format bottles... magnums and three liters! they are fun bottles and we will start to make more magnums available this fall : )

takes a lot of beer to make great wine they say : ) 

We also received some really super press in Wine Spectator  a 92 on our Pelos Sandberg and a 91 on our Chardonnay : )

 I also dug up my cow horns for my biodynamic 500 preparation - it took a little longer this year than expected but smelled great - and I also found this beautiful clay pot that I got in mexico 15 years ago for storing my prep and it's perfect : )   I will mix this and apply it after we get a little further into fall : )

We slaughtered the last cow for the year - thank you Auggie! 

And this is brian's happy place - he's been spending time in his garden and just loving it! last night we had a beautiful dinner all from his garden... sage butter potatoes, beet top salad, green beans with walnuts from wirtz with a little of my honey, btf burgers and a bottle of 2014 Wirtz... it was a dreamy evening with just the two of us.. : )

Speaking of honey  - I did a small collection from one of my hives in the hedge row I left most of the honey for the bees but got some for me : )

Last but not least is the boys! I took them to my friend susan's farm 'belle mare farm' to be part of a three day draft horse seminar being taught by two amazing teamsters - John Erskine and Don Yerian - I shadowed John for the three days and learned so much from him as he worked with the students and my team. The boys were amazing - patient and hardworking... I'm so grateful for my horses they are great companions and teachers

The pigs are getting fat on all the fall fruit ... apples and plums and pears are in full force right now...


and my cowgirlfriend Sarah helped me with the annual castration - shorty and vinny are a little less of a man but they survived the process with out too much stress : )  thanks as always! sarah! love you girl!

 we are seeing a lot of smoke this week from the east oregon fires.. I wish all the fire crews safety and thanks for there work out there to protect people, livestock and there homes and habitat. 

be well and remember to take time to recharge - and do a little bit everyday towards your dream.

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