Sunday, September 14, 2014

we are clawing our way to the finish line... and then harvest starts...

Hi everyone I'm sorry I've been MIA!! It's been a little nutty around here... We bottled 2013 wines, and have been working our butts off to get the winery done which looks like might happen the day the grapes hit the deck... The stress of this last minute up to the wire construction has given me severe TMJ and has easily taken a year off my life ..but gotio tells me it will all be worth it in the end... we have power and water which is good hoping for final inspections any minute now!!

my comic relief! thank goodness for Goaito...

goatio inspecting the roof work... we got both of the sides of the roof on now! : )

I got to go up in the BIG lift to lay out some rough openings for the fans that was cool! 

Brian walking sunnyside with farmer lucy... the grapes are READY!! weather we are or not!!!

this view is gonna be amazing when this thing is done : ) 



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Cecelia (CC) said...

First of all, are you sure that's not an overhead shot of the architect's mock up - it's so cute looking.

Second, no Amish family EVER had TWO barn raisings so close together there was no weather on the wood, and they sure as heck didn't have them the same year! Dear me, it's a wonder you are still standing.