Friday, June 20, 2014

it's not all cows... : )

We are actually building a winery ... we've passed two foundation inspections now  - Footings are poured and now the stem wall is getting poured this tuesday!!  The big timbers should be coming from storage where they have been carefully stored over to the site in the next week!! and the sips will start to get cut to size!! As soon as I have a sense of when the timber raising will happen - I'll post all the big news here!! -- we are shooting for the first week in july!! but more info as this next week unfolds!!  Goatio is doing a great job keeping everyone in line and is pleased with the progress 



Amid the project I took a sales trip to seattle as well as have been finding time with my girlfriends for some rides : )  very necessary these days!

  the babies are doing well and we are still waiting on the last three!! : ) 

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Jen's Farmily said...

Wow... what an amazing thing you are doing in starting a winery!! That's one thing I always thought would be neat. What made you guys decide to start that? Can't wait to see how things come along!!