Monday, December 9, 2013

the 'official' start of the winery project

So Brian and I have been working closely with Jonathan Orpin of New Energy Works for almost a year now on the design and plan of our winery project. Jonathan and his team have helped us develop the designs and drawings for both the barn (in process) and the winery soon to be started!

Today we signed a contract for the timber frame and put down the earnest money so jonathan can order the wood and get the shop drawings started! I think my pen was shaking today with anticipation, excitement and fear as we take this next big leap!

Thank you Jonathan for your patience with us thus far and all your enthusiasm and dedication to our winery project! Your belief in us and friendship means so much! 

Our founders cuvee label along with our other 2012 labels are being printed in the coming week!!

I think this is one of the prettiest wines brian has ever made!! The Drawing of the hand tools on the label is a homage to timber frame construction - and to things made beautiful by creative hands!

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MaryBee Engelman said...

So so incredibly exciting. LOVING THIS! Hope that cold snap breaks soon my friends & beasts! xo Bee