Wednesday, September 18, 2013

vagaries of nature

I have so much respect for our farmers - aka vineyard owners!! even more now that we are 100% responsible for the farming and all aspects of the wirtz vineyard - the buck literally stops with us... this year we learned hard and fast how MUCH framing can cost !!! wowzers... all good lessons  -
 ... brian and I drove around our southern sites this past weekend... and I got to visit the vines and some of the growers! and snap some shots of the fruit that await us in the coming weeks... here we go people... harvest is a commin' fast!!!

Wirtz Vineyard in the evening light !!! 

Brian talking to Tom abotu the 2013 vintage ... it is worth noting he IS smiling ; )   

Tom Cattrall of the Cattrall Brothers Vineyard with the 2011 with the inspirational truck!

Lucy From the beautiful Sunnyside Vineyard  showing me some of her gorgeous Matilija Poppies ...

I was so excited to visit this site Lucy and Tom do a beautiful job!!


The infamous Don of the Pelos Sandberg Vineyard with another on of his 'tools'

This is a shot from the top of PSV - I'm very excited for Don's newest plantings in this rocky soil!!

 and miss KT !! - who is joining us for harvest again this year!!
- THANKS katie so glad to have you back for the third year!!

The garden and farm have been feeding us very well's been a good year for the btf garden! 

and 'the winemaker' 

and his wife... 

back on the homestead --  the boys that keep me smiling... 

happy harvest everyone!!! cheers from all of us at Big Table Farm!!!

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MaryBee Engelman said...

And I thought our beets were big! Those are gargantuan! Lovely photos guys! all my best xox Bee