Sunday, August 19, 2012



It's honey collecting time! Laura came out today to help me gather the honey harvest - we only collected one of the three hives this year hoping to get the other two really strong with one more season before we 'steal' from them. 

The bees were very calm today and Laura and I had a really nice time bringing in the honey and crunching it down into jars for straining. We took one of four boxes on the hive we gathered  -  so crossing fingers we left enough honey for them to get through winter.  

Thank you Laura - for all your wisdom, time, expertise and friendship!! 

(if anyone wants to know more about Laura - she hires out her services for beekeeping and hive building as she is available - but she's in high demand - this is her blog)

Laura and I are in process on looking at bringing a fourth hive into the system : ) -- the hive came to the farm today from Laura's house thanks to Laura and Davey! We'll be doing some retrofitting painting and fencing it off once we find it's new spot on the farm and then next spring hopefully get a fourth swarm to make it home. You can count on photos! 

I would LOVE to be able to someday be able to gather 3 - 4 gallons a year for our household  -- this will give us enough for us and some to share ... the honey has defiantly helped brian's alergies and I jsut love the taste of natural raw honey that get's a diverse diet.

I love having the bees on the farm and feel lucky that they are thriving here. 


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful thing your bees have done for Brian! I couldn't be happier with that news. So wonderful. Thank you Laura! It looks sooo yummy! xox Bee

Cecelia (CC) said...

plenty for the farm, and enough to spare and share...there's the joy of the harvest.

you have seen it, so it shall be.

CC said...

I hear it's good to have bee balm planted nearby - for them, and you. Wondered if you had it.

Kirti said...

HI Clare i still visit here regularly - you two never cease to amaze me at what you get done! The house looks lovely!
Kirti x