Monday, July 9, 2012

as summer rolls on work and play contunie to blend

So my fabulous husband has been busy working on the barn - fixing a few more posts to help us make more room and get ready for hay which really is coming -- truly... 

I think it may be ready the day I fly to California -- not really sure what brian will do about that ; )  ... well I'll be home Friday night so first thing Sat I think we'll be out there... 


when you are working on lots of projects sometimes lunch needs to just come to you...

In the mean time our neighbor joe came over again and helped us move cows, he's also been helping with lots of things mowing weed whacking and generally being super helpful!

these are just a gratuitous shots of the bee hives  and horses - I'm clearly doing chores with an i-phone in my pocket : )

So we went into Clyde Common on Thursday to taste though all the wines for the outstanding in the field dinner with chris it was a little too much fun! Thank you Chris!!

my adorable husband in the field with the big table at the outstanding dinner : )  is that rose under your arm or am I just happy to see you!!

this years Outstanding Crew!! So great to get to know them!!

  and some adorable cows in the pretty summer pasture!  - happy summer


Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that iphone photos have a tendancy to look like they were taken in the mid '60's. Why is that I wonder. Great shots of summer - oh how quickly it goes. Loved lookin' at lunch - yummy! xox

Joseph said...

I think what I love best is that both the cows and "husband" are adorable.

May we all feel so loved.