Monday, February 13, 2012

Oviparous Valentine

There are things from all our childhood kitchens that bring back sweet memories... for me it's my mom's blue dutch oven, the mix-master, her joy of cooking cook book (which I'm lucky enough to now own) and this little gem below!

I was musing with one of my brothers the other day about this cooker saying how it was the greatest totally gratuitous kitchen gadget ever but oh how I loved it - and if I ever saw one again I would totally buy it - not because I need an egg poacher in any way but just 'because' it's such a sweet little gadget and reminds me of my dad so much - street car hash, poached eggs on toast you name it he LOVED this gadget too!!! it made eggs perfectly every time...

So what does my ever so thoughtful brother (Joseph) do he finds me one and has it shipped to me for valentines day!!! I was so excited I poached an egg immediately!!

this ones for you dad! xo clare


KAB said...

So sweet! (And I love poached eggs the best…)

Anonymous said...

We all have a very sweet brother! And yes indeedy that little number makes 'em perfect every time! Happy Valentine's Day Sweetheart!