Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday Morning

I went to church this morning
I put on my Sunday best and laced up my shoes
I walked down the sloping hill to the entrance
As my feet hit the soft earth the rhythm of my prayer began
My first intentions of love and gratitude went to my community
Fellow farmers, winemakers, chefs, eaters, artists and lovers
As this community surrounded me, the rain started in a chorus of affirmation
The soft road curled in front of me, my steady breath grounded me in the gratitude for my own farm
The cows quiet company, the horses patiently and intensely sharing and giving
the chickens in there daily symphony and gifts, and those raucous pigs.
I turned half way and headed back like mass this was a duration that seemed to match stamina
Heading back to home I think of family of my father in mexico fighting cancer
I think of my community of siblings all of us holding him close.
All I have pours out back up the driveway like the last hymn at the recessional when you dig deep and belt out the final chorus
The finish is here on my porch where I can sit and enjoy this Sunday morning with deep peace and gratitude watching the soft rain


MichaelnHaley said...

Way to recognize and appreciate all that you are connected to. What a wonderful celebration of your present reality, and all the goodness that surrounds you.

Life provides us many gifts, I am so glad you are in a space where you feel surrounded by and connected to them.

Joseph said...

Nice morning prayer!


Cecelia (CC) said...

on top of all that, you were loving you, too...which of course is all the same thing when we're all connected.


duane said...

wow clare

Oma5 said...

This is so beautifully written, Clare... I too lace up my walking shoes to get closer to God.

Anonymous said...

Connectedness with God & Eternity, with each other, with our community and all that sustains us is definitely at the top of life's prayer list isn't it. Thank you for sharing Clare! MBee

Kate Merriman said...

You are the new Wendell Berry!

Clare Carver said...

you guys are so kind!! I love u .. xx c