Thursday, September 2, 2010

BIG Thanks to Oregon Wine Press

There is a really nice article featuring Big Table Farm - with our wine and eggs on the cover - here's a snip it and this is the link to some the beautiful photos and the full article!

"The most sublime Pinot Noir to grace your glass may be one of the hottest topics of conversation at the International Pinot Noir Celebration held every July since 1987 in McMinnville. But also swirling around the Riedels this year were the cast of characters at one wine country luncheon that had guests all aflutter.

Brian Marcy and Clare Carver of Big Table Farm hosted attendees for a noontime affair that began with a blending seminar set in a charming barn, hay bales stacked high. Orchestrated clucks chattered from the nearby hen house. As if on cue, a gregarious rooster would cock-a-doodle-doo. One free ranging chicken burrowing in the towering hay, tail feathers out, provided a photogenic distraction as many wine lovers aimed digital devices at the iconic farm animal hoping to capture this slice of Americana." - Kerry Newberry

The Story was written by - Kerry Newberry

The beautiful photos are by Andrea Johnson

THANK YOU OREGON WINE PRESS!! cheers - Clare and Brian


Anonymous said...

Kudos Clare & Brian - You've done it again! The ski's the limit for you two! Amazing. xobee

Joseph said...

Yahoo! Once again... great article such confirmation of all you are doing. Joseph

Celia said...

Will you by chance be here:

Sunday, January 30
Valley River Inn, Eugene


Clare Carver said...

ummm Oregon Truffle Festival... I would love to say yes... there is a good chance why? will you???

Cecelia (CC) said...

seemed like the place to showcase..wishes for you, that's all.