Monday, May 5, 2008

Kateri and Silas visit BTF

My sister Kateri came out this past Thursday with her son Silas... there was some relaxin' but don't let this first picture fool you my sister went kind of wild and cleaned my whole freggin' house and even scrubbed the porch... she did every last dish and even made bread whew makes me tired just typing it... well while she was doing all that work Silas and I had a blast we hung out with animals and did chores.. it was a wonderful visit and sadly I don't' have photos of our Saturday which was a draft horse plowing competition... thanks kateri and silas for warming up our home... and we can't wait till you come back...

Silas and red - they really bonded it was neat to see

Mother and son the cleaning team

Silas restin' after the big hill climb

Kateri cleaning

Kateri baking

takin a walk

Silas really wanted to take one of these babies home but they need to grow up in OR

On a farm note Brian's been doing a ton of tractor work yippie! getting scotch broom mowed and the back field disced! been a nice week...

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