Thursday, January 24, 2008

my favorite time

It's 7:30 am the sun is behind the hills and the moon has yet to set
It's 20 degrees out side and 47 degrees inside
I step outside into the the sharp air my horse "hurumbles" to me from his stall
I carry the steaming buckets of water to the pigs replacing their hard overnight water
The ground is solid underfoot but covered in a cotton frost
I hear the pheasant cracking through the air with his call and the whispering answer of the goat's bells far up the hill
The sky is blue above the west hill where the moon is settling, and behind me the pink glow of the unrisen sun is creeping in
I go further up the hill to the goats and lama who greet me with with warm noses and frosty wool
I bash through the ice to their water with my steal and then pour out their warm grain and hay
I collect the newly laid morning eggs so they don't expand and crack in this January air
The sun breaks the edge of the east canyon wall and bursts out against the fir trees leaving the moons memory behind them in their bright blue casts.


gr8ful said...

Your writing is so wonderful, I love reading your blog... especially today's that captures the cold crisp and beautiful early mornings of winter.

chou-chou said...

WOW! This post is... amazing.


Anonymous said...

LOVE it!!! RJ was just commenting to me that most people would think i'm crazy for LOVING going up to the barn each cold night to tend to the horses...but it's my favorite time! I can just imagine how cool it is with all of your charges when i just have the two!! ...although i don't know how i'd do with the 47 degrees inside!!! our wood stove keeps us closer to 75 or 80!!!

lq said...

Lovely. Thank you for sharing so much of your life.

Joseph said...

Hi there!

Both your are beautiful the writing and the photo, not to mention the warmth it calls forth. Miss you love Joseph. (Still have Christmas photos for U)

Maia said...

Okay, this post was so lovely it forced me out of lurkdom. As an expatriate Oregonian living in NY - I love to read your blog and think about my childhood times in rural oregon. Plus you usually make me hungry. Sigh. Beautiful!

Clare Carver said...

oh how fun to know you are here maia.. one of my dearest friends is Maia : ) thanks for your comment : ) hope the BIG apple is treating you well... : )