Wednesday, August 22, 2007

the chicken or the egg...

I just got off the phone with John at Navarra restaurant in Portland. We plan on going this Friday to eat so I'll be giving a full report of our meal this weekend... but the exciting news is John has committed to all the eggs I can give him. He's totally committed to buying his food from small local sources ... John gets his produce from a csa (47th avenue farms) .. yeah john!

He was open to pay the "real cost" of the good stuff and to staying flexible to when the good stuff is good and ready! As far as a small farmer is concerned I'd say he's the perfect customer... we hope to be able to provide him a truly great product as we hone our pasture poultry...

We also my provide him with pork and beef when the time comes more on that when and if it happens.. we'll have to get our cows first : ) .... for now we will be happily sending our eggs to Portland... some fun facts I just sent to John...

- the hens are free range and have organic feed to supliment their diet
- they have never been given any antibiotics etc. I bought them as "certified organic" chicks and they have always been kept that way
- they live around the "chicken bus" - they get locked in the bus only after dark to protect them from predators
- other than that they are on grass and always have plenty of fresh water
- the chicken bus was made with 90% recycled or re-purposed materials
- the chicken bus by design is self cleaning with a mesh bottom and tons of ventilation - clean house = healthy girls
- the eggs will travel to the winery with my husband on his commute and then Maggie (who works there too) will bring them home with her to Portland. (so for what it's worth these eggs didn't cost our planet any extra fuel to transport)

... remember the "real cost" of food is not the sticker price it's the cost to our planet and our body ...

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